Frequently Asked Questions

Before contacting us, please browse our FAQ.
Please shout me out on Instagram!

As you’re probably aware, we have a lot of followers on Instagram. However, we only shout out three people per contest. We call them the finalists. If you want us to give a shout out, please upload a photo or visit our upcoming contest page. Tag your photo on Instagram with the tag mentioned on that page.

Do I have to upload my photo on here and post it on Instagram?

No, you don’t have to, but you double your chance. The more channels you use to get our attention, the more likely it is for us to consider your photo.

How do you select the finalists?

We have three finalists per contest and we use different channels to select them.

1. As you can see, our website visitors can rate photos that were uploaded on this site. The highest rated photo will automatically be one of the three finalists. So if you want a shoutout, upload your photo on and ask your friends and followers to give your photo a high rating on our site.

2. We use different hashtags for each contest. You can find the latest tag on our Instagram profile. We run theme contests, so we typically ask you to match the criteria we have defined. If we have a contest on “just me” and you submit photos with your bestie, you will not be considered. We pick one photo from the Instagram stream for each contest. Although we get a lot of submissions and we only pick one photo, the stream also gets a lot of attention. So there typically comes an increase of followers with each photo submission! 😉

3. There are a lot of people who are shy to submit a photo right away. They ask us if it’s ok to submit a photo. That’s ok. Don’t be shy and send us your photo. We will let you know if we plan to feature you right away or encourage you to upload your photo to the website.TO contact us directly, please:

  • send a photo message on Instagram to bikiniphoto or
  • kik atxcowboy
I have a problem due to a photo I posted. Can you help?

Please read Instagram’s guide. If you need assistance, please contact us.

You're showing a photo of me without my approval!

Please set your photo stream to private in Instagram or delete the photo from your Instagram account. It will then automatically disappear from our website.

WIll I be famous when I upload a photo?

Most likely, you will not be famous, but a little bit of fame typically comes with it. Our contests get a lot of attention. If you’re lucky enough to be drawn as a finalists, chances are high that you get a lot of new followers on Instagram.

What can I do to win a contest?

A few simple hints:

  1. Read what we’re looking for on the upcoming contest page. Carefully select a great photo. Most important: be creative! We love creativity!
  2. Use all available channels. Upload your photo on here, tag it on Instagram, contact us.
  3. Once you uploaded your photo on our site, it gets its own dedicated photo page. Keep note of it and ask your friends and followers to rate your photo on
  4. If you’re a lucky finalist, be very active on Instagram. Ask your friends and followers to like your  photo in our instagram stream, as each like is counted as one vote. Ask them to rate your photo on the finalists page.
Do I have to have a lot of followers to participate?

No, absolutely not. Be creative and pick a great photo. Read our FAQ. Try your best, the rest will come.

When we show the three finalists, the user with most followers will typically be shown first, but as the other two photos are uploaded, it moves to the right. So this person’s photo tends to sit on the right hand side of our Instagram page. The user with least followers will be shown on the left. However, people usually give more likes to the photo shown on the left. So it’s actually a little advantage if you do not have a lot of followers.

What photo dimensions should I use?

If you upload a photo to our site, it will be automatically resized to a maximum of 612 * 612 pixels (the default Instagram photo size).

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